What can we do when you lose your way? Joy from using BMW navigation is something awesome

Did you lost your way ever? Driving brand new car, using BMW SIRIUS gadget with build-in navigation with in CIC retrofit option between high mountains in alpine countries.. Nothing is better. Did is it enough for demanding client? Not for all. Person who has experience with autoomobiles and automotive, should see that that machine can more. You can want way more from that machine. Firstly we will talk about auto-updates. It is nothing more upsetting than going on the way trailed by navigation and get lost in woods.


Autor: Andrew Gregg
Źródło: http://www.flickr.com
Roads are closing and fixing all the time day by day. Sometimes an info about difficulties is only on the Web at local websites. Later comes to the aid live amends with presently condition on the trail. It is so important and can save the day with friends or with someone close. In the second place we can talk about everything and do not lose your time holding map on your legs. Using voice navigation it is probable tracking instructions without taking your eyes. It is urgent exceptionally on bigger trips. You can pick one of the voices which are in database.

Lady’s, men’s or another one being part of famous person or personality from cartoon. It is so much lovely than normal TTS. It is totally harmonizes with full mute inside a auto. Did we should want more? Yes, sure. BMW SIRIUS (look at it) suggest 3D screen over nearest area which you choose to spot in current view. Thanks to that choice we are able to suppose where we are only study the neighborhood. Installation technique is truly easy.

Of course – you also can give it to the specialist but with several videos on Internet and clean advice we can install device on one’s own. Of course, on one’s own responsibility too but why lose money for things that we can do without any expert help. And then one last case is to upgrade the system and enjoy your trip. BMW has taken system to different level. Level of new, complex and linked mechanisms. When you will have to choice to take a automobile with or without mentioned navigation let’s choose prudently.