What products are value to export to the Russian Federation?

A big number of organization people think about working their goods to the Putin’s nation – the Russian Federation. It may be a great idea because Russian Federation is a big place where resides more than 140 million people who also love high quality and expensive, foreign things. Nevertheless, before you make the last decision, it is recommended to think carefully about the best products which are specifically liked by Russian men and women.


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What aobut russian gost?

Fortunately, the Russian has introduced the list of products which are brought in from American plus worldwide makers. The most rewarding items are:• Shoes – seventy five% of sold products at Russian marketplace are imported – the foreign items were worth $3,7 billion.• Tights, socks and similar products – 70% of them are imported and they are worth up to $14,6 billion.• Vacuums and another home products – 95% of the household equipment which are available at Russian market come from different nations. It is 1 of the greatest amounts. The items were worth $157 billion.• Beef and other kinds of meat – Russian sellers import up to 78% of sold beef. The food is worth $3,5 billion.• Medicines – it is the final category which is value to look closer. seventy five% of sold drugs in the Russian Federation are imported. The industry is worth about $20 billion.

Nonetheless, Russia is a country which import many goods, not every person may sell there the items without special permission. The Russian Federation looks after the excellence of foreign things which are brought in to the place. As a result, here has been launched special certificate named russian gost but some men and females label it just gost r.
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The certificate confirms that your company creates high quality items according to Russian’s demands and needs. Furthermore, if you plan to export products to the Russian Federation frequently, it is worth to issue permanent certificate. All of the accreditation can be bought and issued in any European countries.